Amra Arabians

Lauren Belinda Louwrens has been a competitive endurance for over 15 years and has a string of horses ready to race. Amra Arabians is a small stud situated on the family farm of Combles, approximately 30km from Kokstad at the northern end of the Wild Coast. With rolling hills and acres of lush grass, even the competitive endurance horses live out, enjoying a natural life within a herd.

With three stallions, Lauren breeds a combination of some old, stoic lines of Arabians, including the famous English Crabbet line. The Crabbet line began in the UK in 1878 when the first Arab horses imported by the Blunts. The pedigree of at least 90% of the Arabian horses in existence today can be traced back to the Crabbet, a name that has become synonymous with athleticism, solid temperament and the ability to perform.

Lauren’s horses are bred for endurance and have incredible stamina, but they aren’t fiery in temperament, giving riders a feeling of comfort as well as speed. If this sounds like a horse you’d like to ride, find out more about our endurance horse experience