Peas on Earth

Nicky is one half of Peas on Earth, a small farm based close to the Wild Coast. Nicky worked as a horse trails guide for Wild Coast Horse Trails for many years and hosted volunteers during her time there.

Originally from the UK, Nicky began life in South Africa as a volunteer 15 years ago so has a comprehensive knowledge of the needs and expectations of international volunteers.

Nicky developed a volunteer project on her Peas on Earth which ran successfully for some time, introducing international guests to the concepts of natural horsemanship and striving to create an organic life for the horses in her care.

Seeking a new challenge and a new concept in equine escapes, Nicky teamed up with Lauren Louwrens, the owner of Amra Arabians, to create a unique equine escape that would appeal to adventurous travelers looking for a new horse-back encounter.

Our philosophy:

“We ride to fly, to feel, to breathe, to laugh, to soar,
to overcome, to relax, to prove them wrong, to belong,
to feel strong, to heal, to love & to be loved back,
to communicate without words.
We ride to live.”