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Peas on Earth Backpackers & Volunteer Farm

Peas on Earth owns a varying number and a variety of different breed of  horse. They all live their lives as naturally as possible which means they live barefoot, use organic fly sprays, homeopathic and herbal medicines and keep them as chemical-free as possible. They live out 24/7 (but do occasionally wear rugs). They are a mixture of breeds and personalities and perform a variety of different roles on the farm, from ploughing to riding, companionship to counselling! The veggies like their pooh too!

The horses

Cloudburst is a Boerperd mare with a beautiful movement, a lot of life and a pleasant ride. She’s still learning to school but loves her out-rides. Still new to the herd, we’re still getting to know her!

Whisp is a 10-year-old Saddler Arab cross gelding. He belongs to a friend but he also has a big place in my heart. Not the brightest, but terribly handsome... and his trot will be a challenge for any rider!

Thandi is a registered Anglo Arab, a fantastic trail horse and the best horse I’ve ever had the privilege to ride. She is my number one horse, my best friend and the one I go to when life gets too hard!

Persuasion is a pretty Arab x Boerperd filly, 3 years old. She’s friendly, intelligent and proving herself very willing to learn and accepting of saddles and everything else we’ve thrown at her so far!

The Dude is a 5 year old Basotho cross and the clown of the herd. He’s an absolutely amazing ride, has incredible stamina and is coming on leaps and bounds in the school - he’s our number one volunteer horse!

Pandamonium is a Percheron/Boerperd/ Arab filly with a huge personality!

In addition to our own horses, we also borrow horses from a friend who has been breeding Boerperd crosses for years. These horses come to us for schooling and riding in.

Tinkerbell is another Boerperd mare, a little younger and a bit more complicated than Cloudburst.