Humanely horsey

The relationship between human and horse must be one of the most documented, researched and blathered on about relationships in human history. I sometimes wonder what the horses all make of it… if only they could read. They would probably marvel at our concepts, notions, instructions, criticisms, disagreements and theories. 

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It is a commonly held belief that, for every horse-related question in the world, there are at least 3 million different answers and opinions. As each new horse-training method or fad emerges, so another solution to “the problem horse” is formulated.

I cannot claim to be any different to any other horse lover. I have my opinions and my methods that are often not in line with the opinions and methods of others. But I guess I’m entitled to my thoughts and, thanks to freedom of speech, I’m even allowed to blog about them to anyone who chooses to read them (thank you if you are!).

January 20, 2017
Comfort or confinement?

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