Endurance Riding


Do want a challenge that will take you into incredible landscapes with a sturdy equine as your partner? Endurance has its crazy side, but it’s also about achieving a goal in a team built up of you, your horse and, often, your groom. The most important aspect of it is the horse and the lengths endurance riders go to ensure the performance of their equine teammate is astounding! While international endurance has come under criticism, the majority of people involved in the sport do so with their horses’ well-being in the forefront of their minds. Learn more.

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Vet vigilance

Riders new to the scene will be surprised at the vigilance of the vets who ensure that each horse is sound, has a heart rate under 64 bpm, is hydrated and is not experiencing any pain from the tack or the terrain.

Tough training

This sport is about getting up in the cold and dark and heading out to see the dawn rise over the horizon as you canter towards it. It is about trotting the roads and hills in all weathers to prepare your horse for a race.


Ultimately, it is about having a true partnership of mind, body and spirit with a horse … and it doesn’t get much better than that. Especially at Amra Arabians where your horse will be forward-going and combine stamina with agility.