Explore South Africa


The country of South Africa is as geographically diverse as it is culturally. With 38 languages, 9 provinces, the Rainbow Nation of South Africa comprises 122 million hectares – the equivalent of five United Kingdoms put together. South Africa encompasses desert, mountains, snow and sand, offering an ever-changing environment to explore on horseback.

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Wild Coast

The Wild Coast is an international draw for people of all walks of life and particularly horse-riders, offering long beach canters, challenging cliffs and gorges and unpredictable river crossings – not to mention it’s incredible natural beauty and cultural history.

Diverse landscapes

The Spirit of Endurance riding holiday will take you from gorge to grassland; highland to shore and rock to river on an affordable exploration of our amazing country. Spanning two provinces, this project offers incredible and challenging riding terrain.

New experiences

As you ride, you are training potential and competitive endurance horses, exposing them to new experiences and offering a guiding hand from the saddle. When not in the saddle, there are other adventures awaiting our guests.