Natural Horsemanship

fezie training

Two feet move your body, four feet move your soul

In every aspect of our project, we focus on the need to connect with the horse spiritually, emotionally and physically. Using the join-up technique, we try to understand how our body language communicates with a horse and how their experience of humans differs so vastly from our need for friendship and comfort.

natural horsemanship

Gently does it?

Natural horsemanship is often perceived as soft and sensitive but, done properly, the amount of pressure varies from horse to horse. Similarly, some techniques work for some but not for others.

Ross Jacobs

“… just because one horse will change its thought with a wiggle of a finger and another horse will require a whirlwind of energy from a swinging rope, does not mean one method was more aggressive or violent than the other from a horse’s point of view. They both added the same amount of worry in the respective horses to create a change of thought.”

Learning curve

While this is sometimes more uncomfortable for the human than the horse, with guidance, it’s effective and creates a calm, respectful horse who’s ready to work but who retains his spirit.

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