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Peas on Earth Backpackers & Volunteer Farm

Whether you can already ride or have never touched a horse before, this project will expose you to every aspect of caring for, working with and training horses.

This is not a riding holiday – it’s a horse experience – where you will discover how to give a horse a proper pedicure and why Peas on Earth is proud to farm the old-fashioned way – with horse power and without pesticides.

Volunteers working with the horses will be exposed to a variety of natural horsemanship methods, including Monty Roberts’ join-up and Richard Maxwell’s techniques. We also use some T-Touch and play some Parelli games with our youngsters.

Volunteers will also be shown how to complete a barefoot trim; which herbs are used to maintain general good condition and the herbal and homeopathic treatments we use to treat ailments and illness.

Riding, Traction and Natural Horsemanship

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Volunteers usually ride at least three times a week, if not daily, as our herd continues to expand. The amount of riding will depend on the individual’s abilities in the saddle and their enthusiasm for the horses.

Participants will also help out with traction work, groundwork and training.

We encourage all volunteers to participate in the garden as well, so the horses usually takes up only half the volunteer’s time, with the rest being committed to the vegetable production and Permaculture.

We happily accept people with little or no previous experience of horses or riding, and will teach those who are not so horsey why some of us are so obsessed with our equine companions! Participants with more riding experience and ability will have more opportunity to ride, be exposed to a greater variety of horse-related work and spend  more hours in the saddle.

We will try to include at least one beach ride within every volunteer’s stay but also encourage volunteers to book additional beach rides with Wild Coast Horse Trails, simply because nothing beats a canter on the beach!

Click here to see a snippet of traction work performed rather unconventionally by Jack

Natural horsemanship