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Peas on Earth Backpackers & Volunteer Farm

Volunteers from all over the world visit Peas on Earth to learn about traditional growing methods, as well as Permaculture, the concept of food forests, companion planting, commercial vegetable production, organic practices and many other techniques. Volunteers also assist in raising money to uplift the local community and help at the local school on a weekly basis, cultivating a vegetable garden and working alongside pupils to improve their understanding of small-scale, self-sustainable agriculture. During an average stay of four weeks, a volunteer will be exposed to all facets of growing and selling vegetables, fruits & herbs - from seed and soil to packaging and selling.


Volunteers on the Permaculture programme will be involved in all aspects of vegetable production on the farm, including:

Volunteers committing to a stay of four weeks or more will also have the opportunity to attend the local farmers’ market; have the option to visit a local game reserve (cost not included in project fees) and the chance to explore the Wild Coast with experienced guides.

Whether you have previous experience or know nothing about gardening, all are welcome to share our lifestyle and discover our methods of farming.

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Planting, composting and so much more


We use only organic processes to grow, fertilize and protect our produce, meaning that we make our own insect repellents, fertilizers etc. The overall goal of Peas on Earth is to establish a self-sustainable agricultural entity. By undertaking this process one step at a time, like a tree, we grow slowly but solidly.


Our long-term goal is to develop a self-sustaining ecosystem using Permaculture methods that include a symbiotic relationship between livestock and plants, including nutrifying the soil with our animals’ manure and feeding excess produce to the animals.  In pursuit of this, we adopt the attitude of “as we grow, so we learn”.


At present we need to balance our ideals with necessary income to sustain our dreams. As a result we use astrological calendars to enable us to maintain all-year-round consistency in our production of vegetables. As a result , we are able to deliver a similar quantity and quality of produce week-on-week.

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