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It is our belief that, for our country to have a sustainable future, we need to educate our children in the benefits and practices of sustainable agriculture.

In the Eastern Cape, unemployment is high, but many people have access to arable land which could provide with high-quality food and a means to supplement their income. It is because of  this belief that we are committed to the upgrade and development of Fort Warwick School and, in particular, it’s permaculture garden.

This garden has been developed by Peas on Earth and its volunteers, with assistance from visitors to Wild Coast Horse Trails.

Peas on Earth has been assisting our local school for the past six years. From providing food and water, to providing funding for new classrooms and a permaculture garden.

Mandela Day

Our 60 minutes
On 18
th July 2014, 13 volunteers from around the world
arrived at Fort Warwick School to establish their first Permaculture beds. These beds are now producing vegetables for the pupils of the school.

Making a brighter future

Recently, Peas on Earth have extended their support to the farm school by providing much-needed extra hands.

Farm schools are rural primary schools providing education to some of the poorest people in South Africa. Due to the enormous demands on the government education department, many of these schools struggle to provide enough teachers and resources to provide a quality education for their pupils.

Volunteers on this project will assist the teachers, helping the pupils with reading and writing as well sporting activities and teaching them more about growing vegetables in their own little Permaculture garden.

The school is fortunate enough to have both committed, dedicated staff and cheerful, friendly students. Your presence gives these children a chance to dream about new opportunities, such as travel, and your role is to inspire and encourage those dreams!

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Local school project in Fort Warwick