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Why Peas are different

Milena Hinger (Luxemburg)

April 2015

I had a wonderful time here at Peas on Earth, which was mainly because I was treated with respect and patience and a lot of gratefulness, as well as trust. I was safe, I had my privacy, but at the same time I was welcomed as a guest and lived in a warm atmosphere as we shared our meals and the roof we lived under.

I can honestly highly recommend this place to future volunteers!

Sophie Allen (UK)

July 2013 lorem, ornare non, vestibulum ut.

I’ve had an absolutely wonderful time. I’ve learnt more than I ever thought and enjoyed working the garden much more than anticipated. The food is wonderful! The horses are awesome (and so are the dogs). Thank you so much for managing to get me to go on the beach [horse] rides and suggesting I go to Hogsback. You guys are awesome. Wish I could stay!

Volunteer Feedback

Peas on Earth’s volunteer programme has been running since 2010 and we have hosted over 100 volunteers on the farm in these past few years.

Both Nicky and Colin have years of experience in hospitality which they use to ensure you have the best experience possible while at Peas on Earth.

Peas on Earth is not the type of project where there are 20+ volunteers on site at any one time.

Rather, we try to keep things small and more personal so that each volunteer is able to explore their interests and skills and receive one-on-one training via either ourselves or one of our staff members.

Mauro Reiman (Brazil)

March - April 2013

I had a great time here, enjoyed it very much! I am impressed with Nicky and Colin, they are such nice people, very impressing personalities and I appreciate that they try give you a different programme and make your stay as well as possible. And it works! Thank you for a great time!

Katrin Wimpff (Germany)

May - July 2014

The volunteer project is really good but it’s only really worth it if you stay longer than 4-6 weeks in order  to get into everything - 3 months was great! In the information [I received], it said nothing about the school garden, which is sad, because Peas on Earth’s support for the school is really great. It is a great experience on the Peas on Earth farm!

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